1. For a nation divided on so many things, that would be a very positive step indeed.

2.There was no danger of tsunami, or giant ocean waves, triggered by seismic activity from the jolt, the agency said.

3.An NGO working for North Koreans' human rights obtained confidential documents produced by the North Korean Cabinet.

4.The French government says it is dispatching three planes to evacuate at least 100 people, including many French citizens, trapped in Abidjan at the airport since violence broke out over the weekend.

5.Lessons learned from the Greate Hanshin Earthquake ensured that joint operationwith local government were conducted relatively smoothly.

6.The Gyoda city government in Saitama Prefecture said Monday it would give 33.8 million yen--abandoned money that went into municipal coffers after passing its recovery date--as a donation for those affected by the earthquake.

7.Iraqi troops backed by U.S. Marines seized Falluja's main hospital late Sunday.

8.It was carrying workers returning home from Saudi Arabia to Egypt for a three-day Muslim holiday period expected to begin Sunday to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

9.Each poll involves more than 1,000 participants selected at random and questioned by telephone.