Work Sheet

方法: できるだけ英語の語順に従って訳します。センス・グループを一つの単位として文頭から区切り文頭から訳します。大切なのは返り読みしないことです。

目的: 聴衆を待たせない、情報提示の順に訳出できる、記憶の負担を軽くする。

テクニック       1.品詞を変える。




Ann always talks about how hard her work is. アンがいつも話すのは仕事が大変だということです。

A. Adverb

1. In 1951 Alfred Hitchcock was a filmmaker of enviable reputation but without a recent hit.

2. In April 1931 Miss De Alvarez played tennis in divided skirts which came to slightly below the knee, and two years later Alice Marble appeared in shorts above the knee.

B. it   to/that

1. It was clear from all the public-opinion evidence that most American thought the man was lying.

2. It is important that both you and your business have a good credit rating since lenders will frequently refer to that to help make decision.

C. Apposition

1.There was another terrorist killing in Northern Ireland, the tenth in the past 5 days.

2. The U.S. is also the world's largest exporter of software, a fact that doesn't show up in the government numbers.

D. ing

1. Addressing the opening session, Secretary of State Colin Powell said that US contribution would be used for the program.

2. The meetings are highly interactive, offering valuable net working opportunities and  the chance to debate the issues that will shape the future of business.

3. Having chosen the topics for their essays, the students were instructed to make either a preliminary outline or a rough draft. 

E. Infinitive

1. The United Nations Security Council has agreed to tighten sanctions against the country to try to force its military leaders to restore democracy.

2. In a remote rural corner of Tanzania, a handful of relief workers are struggling to cope with a quarter of a million refugees from Rwanda.

F. Relative

1. According to the theory of natural selection, the man who was able to use his hands and feet most freely walk and grasp, was the one who survived and evolved.

2. We live in the time when many nations which have lived in hostility since their independence, pledge to intensify diplomatic efforts to resolve their disputes.

G. Past participle

1. U.S.Southern Command in Miami said a naval "fleet hospital" would begin operating at the base providing medical care to detainees equivalent to that provided to U.S. forces.

H. 伝達動詞  say, report, declare, estimateなど

1. A City University professor reported that he discovered a vaccine that has been 80% effective in reducing the instances of tooth decay among small children.

I. Time elements

1. The leaders of the two opposition parties have also been campaigning today with less than a week to go before Thursday's council election.

2. A growing number of college students, including those from elite colleges, now say they want to be teachers, after years of shying away from the field.

J. Conditional

1. This Agreement shall be automatically renewed for successive periods of one year each unless it is terminated by one party with 6 months prior notice.

2. China is likely to act constructively in the future if it is secure, reform-oriented, modernizing, stable, open to the outside world, and be able to deal effectively with its problems.

K. Comparative

1. The diesel engine that runs oil is more efficient than most other engines because it converts more of the energy stored in the fuel.

2. The top wage for a united mechanic is $25 per hour, which is higher that Chinese average wage per day.

3. His efforts were considered less important than behind-the-scene powers.

4. I sometimes wish that my company were as large as theirs because our facilities are more limited than theirs.